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This Fonterra Branded Merchandise Website allows Staff to view an extensive range of products that are available to order.


Your enquiry or order will be expertly managed by the Team at Brand Farm.


If you are looking for a specific item that is not shown on this website, please contact us as we may be able to help you.


We can also assist you with additional logo or text branding requirements. 


We look forward to receiving your enquiry


Please note: 

(1) Delivery of your order may be up to 10 days from receipt of your order 

(2) Minimum order quantities may apply to some of these products 

(3) A credit card merchant fee of 2.5% may apply to orders placed on P-card  

(4) Website pricing excludes freight and GST.


Fonterra Milk Bottle Lollies


40gram bag of Milk Bottle Lollies with Fonterra Logo Sticker attached. Yum!



Fonterra Stress Cow


Fonterra Stress Cow "Don't have a cow man!" For those stressful moments, a squeezable rubber stress friesian cow for your desktop.